Xonon Gravity


Xonon Gravity is an arcade tactical game for phones and tablets running Android OS. Just imagine Xonix with physics, variety of enemies and story!

Our unshaved protagonist is an alien person of unsound principles in the search for (yet) unclaimed territory in the deep space. All he needs is a little help from a player with good reaction and some tactical skills. Will you please? Strange species inhabiting these areas are likely to object, but who cares?

It's time for conquest!

* Control the protagonist using the accelerometer (by tilting the device), the touch screen (the hero follows your touch or is directed with on-screen joystick) or the keyboard.

* To finish a level you need to claim (capture) a certain part or the play field. The more you claim the higher the score!

* Area is claimed when you finish the trail (connect it). Whatever enclosed becomes yours. Enemies catched within are destroyed and you get the score points for them.

* Players who will manage to finish all levels without touching keys or touchscreen will gain the "Accelerometer Only" achievement and the special score award.

* Don't forget to submit your high score to the worldwide top!

Game is completely free, there are no ads nor hidden payments. Enjoy!


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